[Eng] Just send me your idea and pictures, I will work on the image and send back the result.

I will try to improve this with an upload form to simplify the process.

Meanwhile you can use this email: creativeindahead@gmail.com

I hope to receive your requests and project ideas.

Here below a list of images and effects I have been working on.

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[Ita] Progetto che vuole esplorare le tendenze e i gusti della rete.

Offro gratuitamente un servizio di fotoritocco con degli esempi concreti qui di seguito, ma anche GIF animate.

Le richieste permetteranno di sondare le tendenze sul web e i gusti della rete.

Disintegration Effect

rosa-finale - Copia

Vintage Comic/Andy Warhol Style Effectgiulia portrait - warhol

Multiply Effectgiulia-sequenza - Copia

Collage and Maskinglatorre

Typography and PosterP1010456 - Copia

Multiple Exposition

sbibbi-tripla-esposizione - Copia

Expositions and Filtering

sbobbi-tripla - Copia

Masking, Brushing and Saturation

tokyo - Copia

Layers and Merging Effects

tokyo-tripla - Copia

Dramatic Black Background

tommaso sospeso.jpg

The “Brousse” Project

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